Effective August 1st, 2021 we will be discontinuing foothold, dog proof and body grip traps due to low demand.
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Weiser's Western Lure Montana Long Call

Weiser's Western Lure Montana Long Call


A thick, loud and long reaching call lure deadly on all predators from marten to wolf and my favorite for fox, coyote, and cats.  Very few call lures keep their skunk odor for more than a few days or weeks, but Montana Long Call lasts for months.  I have had thousands of miles of proven success.  Below zero in Montana, Ohio down-pour rains, and tropical melt down in Mexico.  I kill coyotes 12 months a year with this one and I use it at ¾ of my bobcat sets.  It is excellent in the brush when snaring.  Many marten trappers are using it and I have no doubt it would be good on wolverine and fisher although I have had no experience with these animals. Any type set, including post sets, and any time of year including dead of summer. 

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