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Rittel’s EZ-Tan Powder

Rittel’s EZ-Tan Powder


Rittel’s EZ-Tan is a phenolic syntan tanning agent. It is a highly concentrated powder that costs less, tans more, and produces a high quality, white, soft, stretchy leathered skin. EZ-Tan tanned skins have negligible shrinkage, and are even washable.

1 lb. of EZ-Tan will fully tan 20 lbs. of wet skin weight. This is approximately 2 average sized deer skins or the equivalent by size in other smaller skins (10 - 14 fox or raccoon skins or 20 - 30 smaller skins such as muskrat or mink).

Rittel’s EZ-Tan tanned skins and capes have an indefinite shelf life, and will not deteriorate or weaken with age. EZ-Tan contains no metals and is compatible with almost all pickling acids.

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