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Predator Trapping Bait & Lure Package Deal-FREE SHIPPING

Predator Trapping Bait & Lure Package Deal-FREE SHIPPING


A complete package to get you started connecting on canines and 'cats!  This combo package includes a pint of Dougherty & Sons Fur Stretchers and Trapping Supplies coyote urine, 1 oz. of Tobacco Valley Baits & Lures Coyote Gland Lure, 1 oz. Tobacco Valley Baits & Lures Rattling Chains Lure and one pint of Tobacco Valley Baits & Lures Greystoke Ridge Predator Bait.  Free Shipping!  A $40.90 value!

Coyote Gland Lure: Coyote Gland lure enhanced with top shelf passion and curiosity ingredients. A musky undertone makes this a great lure to use at spring hole and dirt hole sets.  Killer on coyotes but also very effective with bobcat and fox.  A thick, pasty lure.

Rattling Chains Lure: A great early season all predator lure.  This lure appeals to many senses of all predators.  Food, curiosity and sexual response. This lure has been two years in the making and has been perfected for use.  A woodchuck meat base with several other proven attractants added.  Make sure this lure is in your pack basket this season if you want to hear chains rattling on your line!

Greystoke Ridge Predator Bait: A complex bait that uses a combination of bobcat and beaver meat.  Several powerful ingredients are blended to trigger an intense digging reaction, This bait packs a real punch!  Killer on 'cats and canines.  Pint.

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