ATTENTION: Hyper inflation has caught up with us. Our cost for basswood has exceeded the cost of what we sell our fur stretchers for. Our current inventory is all we will have for the foreseeable future. Once they are sold out we do not know when we will be able to produce more. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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HAGz Spring Clip XL-Dozen

HAGz Spring Clip XL-Dozen


Designed to work by itself on 1/2" rods or in conjunction with the HAGz Bracket for extreme versatility. Small and non-invasive, the HAGz Spring Clip XL is inserted through the Spring Coils where it remains always attached, never forget it, and doesn't interfere with the spring eye.

Uses gravity to mount/lock in position on 1/2" rods, simply slide it where you want and let go, easily adjustable to any height on the rod making it a very quick and versatile body grip stabilizer.
Use it in conjunction with the HAGz Bracket to stabilize a Body Grip Trap virtually anywhere.

Due to the size of larger traps, it's recommended to place a cross stick or additional rod between the jaws to prevent any spinning.

Fits 220-330 Sized Body Grip Traps
Weighs 1.08 Oz./ea
Patent Pending
Made in the USA

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