ATTENTION: Hyper inflation has caught up with us. Our cost for basswood has exceeded the cost of what we sell our fur stretchers for. Our current inventory is all we will have for the foreseeable future. Once they are sold out we do not know when we will be able to produce more. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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Tobacco Valley Baits & Lures Beaver Castor

Tobacco Valley Baits & Lures Beaver Castor


Ground Castor. Plain, Birch Scented or “1806” Lewis & Clark Formula.  4 oz.

Our “1806”  Lewis & Clark Formula Is made from fresh ground castors using a recipe said to be developed by George Drouillard, a guide and trapper that was part of the Lewis & Clark expedition to expand the United States westward.  This recipe was so well regarded that Meriwether Lewis felt compelled to preserve the formula by documenting it in the 1806 Lewis & Clark Journals. This is a unique formula that utilizes spices to draw a beavers curiosity as well as elicit the typical territorial response castor produces.  Check out this lure, you won't be disappointed!

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